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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inverter Wall Mount SRK25ZMP-S

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inverter Wall Mount SRK25ZMP-S

Featuring the Ecolution from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - the latest addition in the world beating technology of air conditioning systems

The super new Ecolution! An Energy efficient Inverter Controlled wall mounted split heat pump air conditioning system from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This little beauty features new advanced air filtration, infra red remote controller, extended operation range down to -15degs C, super quiet, cold draught prevention on heat pump operation and auto restart. System gives a total cooling duty of up to 2.5kW with an excellent heating capability of up to 2.8kW.

Air handler dimensions are 262mm X 769mm X 210 with a net weight of only 6.9Kg. Related outside unit dimensions are 540mm X 645mm X 275mm with a net weight of 25Kgs. Power supply to outdoor unit. This smaller size SRK air handling unit is most suitable for bedrooms and living rooms where high temperatures and humidity can create discomfort during the summer. They are also applied to home offices where computers and other electrical equipment can add to the heat problem in small rooms, especially where there is a need to keep windows locked for security, or against noise disturbance from outside. The prime motivating factor behind the sophisticated development of high efficiency heating and cooling systems is the rising cost of energy and the need to reduce carbon emissions. This Mitsubishi Pulse Amplitude Modulation Inverter and the new DC compressor, provide the required improvements in efficiency for both cooling and heating operations. The system will therefore provide a very low cost solution to problems of overheating in summer, and will also provide extremely efficient heating in winter through the heat pump operation. Just the thing for your all year round comfort.

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Price £700.00
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